Entry: Operational experience on the LM Vertical Grinding Mills Nov 4, 2013


Because of the many advantages of LM Vertical Grinding Mills , has become the first choice of cement raw material grinding equipment . But in practice , there are still many problems worth noting here are some operational experience .

 Operating points 1.1 stable material bed       

Stable material bed , which is a roll of abrasive grinding bed base , the normal operation of the key . The thickness of the material layer can be adjusted to adjust the height gauge ring , suitable thickness as well as their production and the correspondence between the mill should first find out during the commissioning phase . Material layer is too thick grinding efficiency , material layer is too thin will cause vibration . If roll pressure increase, the resulting powder and more , the thinner the material layer ; roll reduction , disc thicker material , the material returns more appropriate , thickened material layer . Wind mill increase , increasing the inner loop , the material layer thickness, reducing the wind speed , reduce internal circulation , material layer thinning . In the normal operation of the lower roller mill by grinding roller compacted material bed thickness of not less than 40 ~ 50ram.

1.2 Control grinding pressure     

LM Vertical Grinding Mills output pressure is affected , the mill grinding efficiency and power of the main factors . LM Vertical Grinding Mills is by means of high pressure imposed on the material bed crushing pressure to increase production increases, but reaches a certain critical value does not change , the increase in pressure followed by a power increase , resulting in energy consumption per unit of increases, so the appropriate roll to yield and energy both. This value depends on the material properties , particle size and volume of feed . To find out when the trial production of a suitable grinding pressures and wind pressure can form a reasonable good internal circulation, so that the material on the disc layer proper , stable, high grinding efficiency . In the production process, when the wind ring size is fixed, the amount determined by the wind speed . Production of the corresponding relationship between the ability to ensure that the grinding results.

1.3 out of grinding to guarantee a certain temperature       

LM Vertical Grinding Mills is drying and grinding system , the temperature is a measure of the mill drying operation is normal comprehensive index . In order to ensure good drying of raw materials Well, the grinding of the material is less than 0.5% moisture content , the general control mill outlet temperature of about 90 ~ C . If the temperature is too low then the finished water , causing the powder grinding efficiency and lower efficiency dust collection system may cause condensation ; such as too high , which means that not enough gas cooling and humidification , dust collection will also affect results.

1.4 Control reasonable speed      

 LM Vertical Grinding Mills driven mainly by the material flow cycle . The wind can form a reasonable good internal circulation, so the material layer on the disc proper , stable, high grinding efficiency . But the amount is determined by wind speed decisions, and the volume of feed air volume is associated , such as feeding volume, air volume should be large ; otherwise reduced. Fan air flow impact resistance by the system can be adjusted by adjusting the fan valve . Drop mill , grinding into negative , the grinding of the negative pressure can reflect the size of the air volume . Pressure drop , large negative pressure indicates wind speed , air volume ; otherwise the corresponding wind speed is small. The stability of these parameters on the stability that the air volume , thus ensuring the stability of the bed .

1.5 Control of raw material fineness      

The fineness of the raw material by separation speed , air volume system , the mill load and other effects . In the wind and load the same circumstances , you can manually change the speed to adjust the fineness adjustment up to increase or decrease each 2r/min, vibration mill over the General Assembly to increase the lead to even tripping.


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